Victor Deryughin, Artist
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Portraitist Victor Deruygin`s biograpphy

     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.
  • 1959 y. Was born in Moscow.
  • 1983-1985s Study course in Italy (museums of Rome, Florence, Naplec and others) Pupil of Tciplakov Victor Grigorievich.
  • 1985-1989 Partisipant of 8-th Moscow exebitions.
  • 1996-1998 Permament exposition of works in Central House of Artist, Moscow, gallery Art-Academy.
  • 1997 y. Member of Union of Russian Artists, painting group; Member of International Artist Assosiation y.
  • 1997 y. Personal exebition in the Artists Union halls at Gogolevsky boulevard, Moscow.
  • 1998 y. Personal exebition in the Central House of Artists, Moscow.
  • 1999-2000 Exposition of art works in the Central House of Artists, Moscow.<.
  • 2000-2001 Permanent exposition of art works in the art salon at Petrovka 12, Moscow.
  • 2003 y. Personal exposition of portraits in the Central House of Artists, Moscow.
  • 2004 y. Portrait exposition in Central House of Artists, Moscow combined with АLЕNАRТ gallery.
  • 2004 y. Exebition of 53 portraits of Russian agriculture Ministers. The exebition purchased and situated as the permanent exposition in the Ministery of Agriculture Science and Supply of Russian.
  • 2004 y. The exebition of the Academy president`s portraits in the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Soviet Union (VASKhNIL). The exebition is purchased and exposed in the Academy.
  • 2006 y. “Modern art in Russia” exposition participant in the “Gallery on Salyanka”
  • 2007 y. Modern art in Russia” exposition participant in the “Gallery on Salyanka”
  • 2008 y. The exebition “Art Today” in the Moscow House of Nationality
  • 2008 y.The exebition "Moscow 2008" Painting, drawings, sculpture, artphoto, urgent art.
  • 2009 y. XII Moscow International Art Salon «CHA-2009»
  • 2009 y. Permanent exposition of portraits of D. Medvedev and V.Putin in .
  • 2009 y. Exebition "Art Today" in the "Tushino" gallery in Moscow

    Publications in art albums:
    Фотокнига Славим землю  Cовременное искусство России Изобразительное искусство России Выставка Москва 2007 Альбом Виктора Дерюгина1000экз. 24 страницы, 43 портрета, 500руб. Искусство сегодня в Московском Доме Национальностей Москва 2008. Живопись, графика, скульптура, артфото,актуальное искусство, дпи