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     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.

Women’s portraits

There are presented portraits painted from nature and from the photo

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Still lifes with flowers

On the web site you can find old artists's copies of still life with flowers. All presented here paintings are customized and belong to private galleries in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Israel, Luxemburg, France, Italy, UK.

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Still lifes with flowers

Paintings of horses in the order

You can see different equine coat colors in oil on canvas in 2013-2014. You can order copy of any painting you like.

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Paintings of horses

Portrait by your photograph

Portrait with the use of photography is one of the most unique streams in odern portrait art.  » Order

Portrait by your photograph

Seascapes to order

The surf. 60x80 cm., canvas, oil, 2012. Ivan Aivazovsky. Author's copy.  » Go to gallery at



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"Nelli". 140х80sm. Oil on canvas. 2005 year.

About a smart portrait

the Smart portrait is defined(determined) as the representative image in which reigns imposing spirit, magnificent conditions, official or rich clothes with awards or precious ornaments that is called to emphasize the social importance портретируемого. The smart portrait gravitates to monumentalism and is intended not only for exhibiting in small premises(rooms), but also huge halls.
Victor Derjugin rather skilfully приуспел in this genre direction. He(it) creates a plenty of similar works, for example, a series of the portraits, ordered by the Ministry of Agriculture and the foodstuffs of the Russian Federation, a series of portraits of academicians ВАСХНИЛ and other.
Despite of презентативный a kind peculiar to this genre, the spectator also sees on smart portraits of a brush of the artist and real people in which characters appear alive feelings and movements of soul, that, undoubtedly, will be coordinated to the delicate attitude(relation) of the portraitist to the models.
The majority of images, especially female, are graceful and graceful. General(common) and individual in such portraits merges in organic unity.
Background space of smart portraits stately and solemnly. It is painted by the artist special mood, is harmonious соотносимым with individual character traits of this or that model.
Art critic, Nekrilova Luiza